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What if I have an address change?

Category: Primary FAQ

If you have updated your account address, please email us via and call 803-254-6404 to verify the change. We must be contacted directly with any address changes by the 15th of the previous month to ensure that any new shipping addresses have been properly updated prior to the Alpha Ice or Life Member Boxes shipping out at the end of that month. For example, Address information is generated for our fulfillment center on January 15th which is the deadline for being included on the list to receive a February Ice Box. If you want your change of address to take effect for your February Shipment, then you need to contact us by or before January 15th. If you think your address may be changing but do not yet have the new address, please alert us to that as well. If we receive your request during the shipping month, we will try our best to update it, but we cannot guarantee address changes that are sent to us during the shipping month.


If you do not contact us during the specified timeframe and your Box is shipped to the wrong address, be aware that reshipping and box replacement fees will apply. The fees are as follows: Replacement Box if necessary (cost of box) + a $12.00 reshipping fee.

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